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  • Ship cabin fireplace interference recommendations and precautions

    Identifying and protective hot temperature surfaces within the boat cabin is a good way to stop fires within the cabin

  • Tips of Daily Yacht Maintenance

    The lubricating oil of any quality grade will change during use. After a certain mileage, the performance deteriorates, which will bring various problems to the engine. In order to avoid the occurrence of faults

  • Why do yachts always go against the water?

    If you take a yacht, you will find a very interesting phenomenon: whenever the yacht is going to be docked, always put the bow on the water, slowly lean toward the pier, and then steadily

  • How to choose the engine of a private yacht?

    The engine is like the "heart" of a yacht. The quality of the engine is mainly based on the power and economy, that is, the engine has better power, good acceleration and lowers fuel consumption.

  • Yacht Engine Oil Consumption Knowledges

    First, let's take a look at the function of the yacht engine oil: the yacht engine oil has five functions of cooling, lubrication, cleaning, sealing and rust prevention, which plays a vital role in

  • How to choose the right engine dashboard?

    A qualified engine dashboard will tell you the exact engine-related information, and the slightest difference will affect the safety of the entire driving, so careless.

  • Analogue Marine Gauge instruments

    Egauge offers with its product range in marine gauges for boat, truck, car, motorcycle, etc.

  • Introduction of three Italian yacht brands

    Italy is the most dynamic place in the world for modern yacht design. It gathers most of the world's yacht designers. They are the leaders of the fashion trend. They regard design as an

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